Who is she?

Brittni Stump is a textile artist who is excited by repurposing discarded materials from everyday life. Manipulating objects like receipts, plastic bags, parking tickets, and cassette tape, she then lays her seemingly mundane treasures in a wash of bright colors.

Stump applies her unconventional materials to traditional textile techniques, such as hand weaving, embroidery and latch hook. Her work revolves around "play"; whether it be with color, technique, imagery, texture or material, Stump continues to discover new ways to keep her work fun and bright. 

Brittni Stump received her B.F.A. in Crafts with a concentration in Textile Arts from Kent State University in 2013. Stump is a ROY G BIV Gallery Artist and makes her work in her Franklinton space, Chromedge Studios.